About Us

Valendor started as a supplier of high-end testing equipment for condoms 25+ years ago.
Today we can offer a full range of equipment and services for all stages of condom manufacturing and testing, including Turn Key projects for condom manufacturing plants and testing laboratories.

We are currently heavily investing in human and technical resourses for development and manufacturing of equipment for automatic packaging processes.

We are active with offices and agents worldwide, the central locations of operation are:
Head office in Sweden
Branch office in India
Branch office in Mauritius
Sales office in China
Testing laboratory and training hub in Mauritius
Manufacturing locations in Sweden and India 
Major service hubs in Sweden, India, Mauritius and China


We will make it possible for our customers:

  •          to run a profitable condom manufacturing plant in a high-labour-cost country -
             by using Valendor’s solutions for automated processes
  •          to establish and run a profitable condom manufacturing plant in the developing world -
            with training, start-up assistance and technical support from Valendor
  •          to establish an accredited, internationally recognized condom testing laboratory anywhere in the world -
            with equipment, training and technical support from Valendor

Management Team

Jarmo Gustafsson

Jarmo became involved in the condom industry in late1970s, when he was working as technical manager at RFSU, Scandinavia’s largest condom manufacturer.
In 1993 he founded Valendor AB and rapidly introduced less-operator-dependent testing equipment for condoms, based on modern technology and intelligent design. Equipment that dramatically reduced the time and cost for testing and increased the reliability of the results.
Jarmo has since 1994 been an active member of ISO TC 157, the technical committee of the International Organization for Standardization, working with improvements of standards for male- and female condoms and other mechanical contraceptives.
Jarmo has been providing consultancy services to testing laboratories, manufacturers, international aid and procurement agencies regarding issues related to condom quality. He is a well respected authority within the global condom industry.

Christopher Sima
Sales and Service Manager

Christopher comes from the Swedish telecommunication market where he’s been working with some of Sweden’s largest corporate accounts in various positions.
Valendor is not unfamiliar to Christopher since his father, Per Sima, worked as Sales Manager for Valendor from 1998 to 2013. Furthermore, Christopher has at times done project based work for Valendor.

Christopher will boost our ongoing expansion and secure the support and after sales services provided to new and existing customers.

Dr Sant B Singh
Executive Director

Sant has 30 years of experience in managing multicultural teams and in heading international businesses at senior leadership and CxO levels.

Sant's extensive experience from condom industry includes working more than 10 years as CEO for Mercator Healthcare Ltd and as Director- Regulatory and Quality Assurance for Personal Care (Condoms) with worldwide responsibility for Ansell Ltd. Sant has rolled out Quality Assurance Programs for more than 30 plants worldwide for benchmarking, process controls and overall Quality Management.